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What are your problems and how to address them?

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During these unprecedented times, there is a multitude of physical and psychological conditions that are spinning in the background of your subconscious whether you like it or not. It’s important to know how to identify and make a plan for feeling buried by so many real or imagined emotions.

Tracking issues may seem counterintuitive but brings you to a more peaceful place to be able to know what’s darkening your mood. We are very good at sweeping things under the rug that allows them to pollute our daily thoughts. To list a few addictions, from binge-watching T.V. with no commercials or connection to what’s happening outside your door, to substances (alcohol, drugs), video games, social media, porn, working out, and many more.

Your subconscious doesn’t does care whether they are large or small issues, they all can set off avalanche emotions and discomforts that may not seem obvious. Headaches, dizziness, anxiety, anger, panic, teeth grinding, and waking up with a sore jaw. At times digestive disorders, abnormal pain, weight gain or loss, decreased sex drive, back pain, and more. Normally we go to work all day and come home and try and erase the tension of the day. Then get up and do it again.

One thing that we can do to bring these things out into the open is too write down everything we are aware of that bother us. This makes it so we don’t spend so much time dogging disturbing thought and once written down we can go over a daily checklist so we don’t have these issues constantly floating around. If you go to the grocery store and have the feeling you’ve forgotten something, we feel spaced out and nervous trying
to remember what it was. The energy it takes to try and remember can bring on being distracted and frustrated. Having a list of feelings written down allows you to go over them once a day can make it easier to figure out what set you off or made you feel bad. When feeling uneasy seemingly for no reason, symbolically have the list in your pocket you can pull it out to see where disturbance you may be having.

Therapy can help you identify your own specific set of concerns and help bring them out into the light, where they have less control over you.

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