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Training and Experience

I attended the University of Wisconsin and The Evergreen State College, receiving a BA in Psychology. I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon. I began my PhD at the Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, and finished my dissertation in Clinical Psychology at Sierra University, Los Angeles, California.

I became a LMFT, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, in California which expanded my ability to offer legal effective counseling.

I was fortunate enough to work with the esteemed Dr. Milton Erickson in Phoenix, Arizona for eight years. Dr. Erickson was known as "The Father of Modern Hypnotherapy" prior to his passing in 1980.

The cornerstone of my work has always been based in Ericksonian Theory.

My father, Dr. Joseph G. Slavin, was the former Head of the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D.C. Early in his career, he trained with the renowned Dr. Harry Stack Sullivan. Influenced by my father's work, I trained and taught the Adlerian-Dreikursian Child Rearing Techniques (based on natural and logical consequences) which provided an improved learning experience for counseling parents on the televised "Saturday Circus", where we worked with 25 families live, every Saturday.

I was an Adjunct Faculty at both Antioch University Seattle and at the John Bastyr Medical School in Seattle, WA. Over the course of my career, I trained other professionals in therapeutic modalities like Hypnosis, Brief Therapy, and worked closely with most professionals at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto, California. Simultaneously working with greats like, Gregory Batson, Jay Haley, Chloe Madonis, and Salvador Minuchin.


During my professional training, I spent time in South America studying and researching the Inca Civilization. As one of the most advanced cultures of its time, I found the Incas to provide an excellent model for establishing pertinent, effective and obtainable goals. My studies of the origins, behaviors, physical, social, and cultural developments of the Incas and various similar civilizations allowed me to pursue and develop a model of therapy based on some simple and yet very important premises. This model allows a, step-by-step outline, which is easy to understand and incorporate into patients' lives to fit their needs, making it an effective tool for use in many therapeutic situations.

While at the Evergreen State College I helped establish the Crisis Clinic of Thurston Mason Counties in Seattle Washington, which has since become a model program duplicated nationwide. I also introduced techniques specifically for radio and television in order to benefit a wider audience and to help patients make relatively minor adjustments to solve their difficulties.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and flexibility, whether you prefer the convenience of virtual sessions or the personal touch of in-person interaction, my goal remains the same: to provide a therapeutic experience tailored to YOU.

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