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Recognizing Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety or Fear
December 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM
by Daniel Slavin, PhD

Roz told me that her best friend, had stopped communicating with to her (Ghosted her) or no reason that she was aware of . At this point I noticed That her hands were trembling and small beads of sweet were visible on her face. She then asked me if I could turn the heat down. I went too the hall and reduced the heat. When I came back she was extremely agitated and alerted out before I got back to my chair, “I thought you weren’t coming back!”  She told me that since the pandemic her life had become un manageable. She was extremely lonely and felt there was no hope, even though she had a good job and financially secure.

She read that getting  a dog could be helpful  during this time. Even though the dog was a “God send” She would wake up numerous times at night to see if the dog was breathing. She went on to say that she loved the dog so much that she wouldn’t  leave him alone for fear he’d die. I then noticed  that redness  was starting  to come up from her cheat  and then to her face. She started  adjusting  her dress  and blouse and kept forgetting what topic we were on.

Most of these symptoms  are classic  signs of a full blown Anxiety attack. We made a plan to meet again, and I told her if her condition seemed  to get a lot worse between  sessions  she could contact  me.

Some of the symptoms  of stress,  anxiety, and fear are:

1- Feeling restless  and on edge:

2- Fatigue

3- Difficulty concentrating:

4- Irritability:

5- Head  and body aches:

6- Difficulty controlling feelings  or worry:

7- Sleep problems-Falling  asleep, not being able to. Waking up, exhausted in the morning.

I have a five step process to learn how to identify, treat and begin a program to remedy many these problems. Call today 310.963.5038 or Click here to send a quick email.

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