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Our Subconscious Never Lies

Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Fear, Stress Management

Regardless of how much positive work we do on ourselves during our waking state, when we go to sleep our subconscious has no boundaries and everything you’ve neatly swept under the rug comes out revealing how we really feel. The more consistent the span between the waking and sleeping state the healthier we feel.

In 1943 the whole world was at war and no one knew what the outcome would be. Looking back historically, it seems the War started for the Americans in 1940 shortly right after the Great Depression and ended in 1945. But for example, in 1943 there seemed to be no end in sight, therefore the worry about the unknown was huge and constantly stressful.

In uncertain times like the present with COVID-19, the international fear of health, financial, political, and social isolation has created one of the worst and most worrisome times in centuries.

We are revving our mental engines 24 hours a day because we have no road map for how to operate in this unique flood of bad news and worry. Whether you believe it’s the end of the world or just “fake news” the stress takes a toll. The inescapable reality that we are in uncharted territory is like traveling in a foreign country with no road map. Just a year ago we could go to a movie, a restaurant, Starbucks, work out at a gym, joke with people on an elevator, or in a line at the grocery store. We dated, went to museums sporting events looked forward to or dreaded the holidays.

People have not been able to get a hair cut, nails done, or go to the doctor. Writing a list of everything that bothers, worries, or scares you seems counter-intuitive but going over each item before you go to bed (even though it seems painfully insane) allows you to acknowledge the things in your waking state so your sub-conscience doesn’t have to drag you through the process when you are trying to rest.

This is an opportunity to look at your life from a completely different angle. Do you need to drive an hour each way to work? Do you need to have a 90,000 dollar car that presently is sitting in your driveway? Can you grow some of your own herbs and vegetables?

These are trying times but humans are amazingly adaptable and change won’t kill us. It just may be the break we have always known was out there but didn’t know how to make the shift.

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