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Is Chronic Depression the New Normal?

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I saw a dog on the news the other day being pulled out of a bombed building and felt compassion on a level that I have become numb to with humans. We are all going through one of the most difficult times in our lives. Day after day, there seems to be an endless cycle of negativity.

Confusion tends to make people shut down and often results in fear, anger, and self-loathing. Our normal way of dealing with this is not working at this point. 

Learn how to use this time to reset, get tools, and move through this time period with a clear set of emotional vision to blocks you have fallen into. 

Life coaching, learning how to navigate more effectively by expressing yourself with clear communication, having a road map to proceed, and seeing your way out of these difficult times.

Addictions, distractions, sadness, a sense of worthlessness, not sleeping, or sleeping too much are all too common.

Let Dr. Daniel Slavin help you get back on track, with clear obtainable goals that can become part of your toolbox.

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