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Coping with Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Stress Management

Anxiety is a normal part of life. Having an anxiety disorder can be more than a temporary worry or fear a person is experiencing. People with this disorder may find that the feelings of anxiety and worry do not go away and can seem to get worse. These things can cloud relationships, work, and disrupt even feeling stable at all. With Covid etc., even the most stable of us have more anxiety than any time period in the recent past. Covid, politics, lack of job security, changing structure in the family, are just a few examples.

Forgetfulness, getting tired easily, can’t concentrate, irritability, teeth grinding, difficulty sleeping, aches, and pains can all be symptoms of anxiety disorder. Symptoms related to getting tired easily make it so we can’t concentrate, etc. Psychotherapy, medication, and support groups are some things to consider in breaking the circle of the feeling of impending doom. Listing all the things that ever make you feel anxious and writing it down to check once a day allows you to find the one main stressor at a time which allows you to reduce general anxiety and gives you the opportunity to work on one thing at a time.

When the first PC and Mac computers came out you could only run one program at a time. The more you added slowed the computer down. We now can run 20 programs at a time with no slowing. Subconsciously we are running 20 or more programs in our own heads which can create high anxiety. Reducing the number of programs running at one time allows us to work in a way that is much more palatable.

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