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“If you are seeking to change your life's direction, improve your career, or enhance your relationships, I can teach you how to have better insight into your own life to accomplish the above goals and discover inner harmony.”

Counseling Specialties

As you sail through life, you can hit some rough waters where waves come out of nowhere. Or maybe things are pretty good, but not quite what you had planned. If your goals or dreams have drifted, seem out of reach, or you just feel stuck, I can help navigate you to a better understanding of yourself for permanent change, and a more enriching life experience.

Through therapy, I will guild you through concerns, anxiety, and fears you are presently dealing with now.

See below for a list of specialties.

Anxiety Therapy

Shame Therapy

Grief Therapy

Gender Issues

Career Counseling

Stress Management

Individual Therapy


Life Coaching


PTSD Therapy


Couple/Marriage Counseling

Daniel Slavin,


As a seasoned psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to every session. I understand that navigating these unprecedented times has brought about emotional pain and confusion for us all. Together, we can address global and personal challenges and craft solutions that resonate with you and align your vision for a healthier future.

My Approach & Philosophy

"I use a compassionate, goal-oriented and solution-focused therapy approach."

-Dr. Daniel Slavin

My Approach

Through therapy, I will assist you in defining achievable goals and will help you learn simple, understandable procedures that will become second nature to help you reach those goals.

I use innovative techniques to empower patients to navigate through life challenges.

My Five Essential Questions:

l. What is the problem?

2. What solutions have you tried already?

3. Who is involved?

4. Why now?

5. What specific realistic and obtainable goal are you seeking?

If you desire a greater understanding about yourself and want to master the tools you need to achieve a more fulfilled life, I can help you sift through the knowledge of what has worked for you in the past, or what didn't and why.

If you have trauma that could be holding you back causing you to guilt, performance issues, or low self-esteem, we will do regression through hypnosis to find the cause.

The most important relationship I help you with is with yourself. Once you are clear about who you are, rather than who you think you should be, all of your relationships can flow more smoothly.

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