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Marriage & Family Therapist - West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles Psychotherapist, Dr. Daniel Slavin MFT

I have 30 years of experience helping individuals and couples with a range of emotional issues, relationship difficulties, depression, addiction, anxiety, as well as life and business coaching.

I will help you break unhealthy habits or emotional distress to a healthy behavior. Improving your self acceptance and a sense of well being. I set clear and obtainable goals, so that you know how to look at your issues, and are able to solve them on your own after therapy.

My therapy and counseling specialties include:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Self-esteem, depression, anxiety or fears
  • Marriage, relationship and gender issues
  • Grief, trauma or abuse therapy, using hypnotherapy
  • Addiction, rehabilitation, phobia management
  • Professional and life coaching, mediation counseling

If you are seeking to change your life's direction, improve your career, or enhance your relationships. I can teach you how to have a better insight about your own life.

Please email or call (310) 553-9020 for an introductory meeting. My office is located in West LA. I also provide consultations by Phone, FaceTime or Skype.


When I met Dr. Slavin for Therapy, I was in the process of picking up the pieces of my shattered life. Throughout my journey with Dr. Slavin, he gave me the tools I needed to unfold the past and move into the future. He did this with kindness, respect and his amazing communication skills. As I gave Dr. Slavin 100% during our sessions. he gave back 110%.—P.T.

I provide remote therapy via Phone, Skype or Facetime

Member of The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (MFC 27522) & The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists