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Trauma and PTSD

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These are trying times. COVID-19, forest fires, tornadoes, riots, political unrest, homelessness, psychologically impaired people live in tents, skeletal police force, gun sales over the top. We have to work from home, working remotely with spouses and home-schooled children. Seems like our only escape is binge-watching TV shows to hide from the constant flow of upsetting news and other addictive behaviors.

When we hear of a shooting in the U.S., if it’s not more than ten dead, we move on to the following article. These kinds of never-ending events have left us with no short-term memory, anarchy, road rage, outbursts on planes, fights about masks.

All of these things end up stored emotionally in our subconscious. These traumatic events can take years to address and, if not worked on in therapy, can become PTSD that can stay with one for life.

Some of the solutions can be to talk to friends, family, therapists, and spiritual counseling. Knowing what to look for can be a systematic way to see the events that scare you and apply the tools to normalize your anxiety.

Making a list from the most upsetting to the least may seem counter-intuitive, but writing these feelings gives you information to better understand why you are upset.

Psychotherapy can help identify the signs of trauma or PTSD and help you move through them with less anxiety. I use innovative techniques to empower patients to navigate through life challenges including trauma and PTSD. Please Contact me with any questions or concerns or visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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